Common Interest Owners Bill of Rights Summary

The Uniform Law Commission (ULC) promulgated the original version of the Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act in 1982.  UCIOA succeeded and subsumed several older ULC acts, including the Uniform Condominium Act (1977 and 1980 versions), the Uniform Planned Community Act, and the Model Real Estate Cooperative Act.  UCIOA is a comprehensive act that governs the formation, management, and termination of common interest communities, whether that community is a condominium, planned community, or real estate cooperative.  In 1994, the ULC promulgated a series of amendments to UCIOA.  The 1994 amendments did not change the general structure or format of the original act, but were designed to reflect the experience of those states that had adopted UCIOA (or one or more of its predecessor acts), and scholarly commentary and analyses surrounding the act. 


In 2004, the ULC approved a new drafting committee to consider and promulgate further amendments to UCIOA.  At its Annual Meeting in 2008, the ULC promulgated the amendments to UCIOA, along with a new Common Interest Owners Bill of Rights Act (UCIOBORA).


UCIOBORA was drafted so that it can be enacted by states as a stand-alone act when it is not feasible to enact all of UCIOA.  The UCIOBORA is drawn from the provisions of UCIOA, and supplements existing state law with many of the most important updates and protections of the 2008 updates.