Amend the Model Tribal Secured Transactions Act


The ULC, working closely with representatives of Indian tribes and organizations, promulgated the Model Tribal Secured Transaction (MTSTA) in 2005. The act has been adopted by a substantial number of tribal governments and is being considered by others. In the meantime, in 2010 the ULC adopted various amendments to Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code (upon which the MTSTA is based), particularly to provide greater guidance as to the name of an individual debtor that should be provided on a financing statement. To date, the 2010 amendments have been adopted by 51 jurisdictions. The Committee, working closely with representatives of Indian tribes and organizations, will draft amendments to the MTSTA that incorporate, as appropriate, some of the 2010 amendments to Article 9. The Committee may also consider preparing other amendments to the MTSTA, such as provisions providing protections for tribal cultural property.

Committee Members

Gerald L. Bepko Chair
John P. (Jack) Burton Member
Henry Deeb Gabriel Member
William H. Henning Member
John T. McGarvey Member
Juliet M. Moringiello Member
Keith A. Rowley Member
Candace Zierdt Member
Pamela Winston Bertani Division B Chair Member
Candace Zierdt Division B Chair Member
Stephen L. Sepinuck Reporter
Nancy Appleby ABA Section Advisor
Malcolm C. Lindquist ABA Section Advisor
Neil B. Cohen ALI Advisor
Liza Karsai Executive Director
Benjamin Orzeske Staff Liaison