Collateral Consequences of Conviction Act


This committee has drafted a statute addressing the various penalties and disqualifications that individuals face incidental to criminal sentencing, including disqualification from voting, prohibitions from running for office, exclusion from certain types of employment, etc. The act is intended to be narrow in scope, applying only to the procedures surrounding collateral sanctions, not defining or limiting what those sanctions are. At the July 2010 Annual Meeting, revisions of the Act intended to address issues raised by the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision in Padilla v. Kentucky were approved

Committee Members

Richard T. Cassidy Chair
Brian K. Flowers Member
Roger C. Henderson Member
H. Lane Kneedler Member
Harry D. Leinenweber Member
Raymond G. Sanchez Member
Alexandra T. Schimmer Member
Paula Tackett Member
Michele L. Timmons Member
Mary (Molly) M. Ackerly Division A Chair Member
Jack Chin Reporter
Margaret Colgate Love ABA Advisor
Rodger Drew ABA Section Advisor
Thomas Earl Patton ABA Section Advisor
Charles M. Ruchelman ABA Section Advisor
Brian Lewis Staff Liaison