Commercial Real Estate Receivership Act


The Committee will draft a model act that authorizes the appointment of real estate receivers and sets forth the powers of real estate receivers. The act may also provide powers for a receiver to act with respect to personal property that is ancillary to real estate, but the act will not authorize the appointment of receivers with respect to owner-occupied residences. This project was recommended by the JEBURPA.

Committee Members

Thomas S. Hemmendinger Chair
John P. (Jack) Burton Member
Stephen C. Cawood Member
Ellen F. Dyke Member
Thomas A. Edmonds Member
Patricia Brumfield Fry Member
Donald E. Mielke Member
Fred H. Miller Member
Rosemary S. Sackett Member
Mark J. Sandlin Member
Mary Gay Taylor-Jones Member
Cam Ward Division F Chair Member
R. Wilson Freyermuth Reporter
John M. Trott ABA Advisor
Jeffrey M. Allen ABA Section Advisor
James L. Schwartz ABA Section Advisor
Kay Standridge Kress ABA Section Advisor
Justin G. Williams ABA Section Advisor
Liza Karsai Executive Director
Benjamin Orzeske Staff Liaison