Electronic Legal Material Act


The Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act establishes an outcomes-based, technology-neutral framework for providing online legal material with the same level of trustworthiness traditionally provided by publication in a law book. The Act requires that official electronic legal material be: (1) authenticated, by providing a method to determine that it is unaltered; (2) preserved, either in electronic or print form; and (3) accessible, for use by the public on a permanent basis.

Committee Members

Michele L. Timmons Chair
Jerry L. Bassett Member
David D. Biklen Member
Diane F. Boyer-Vine Member
Stephen Y. Chow Member
Vincent C. DeLiberato Member
Steven L. Willborn Member
John T. McGarvey Division E Chair Member
Barbara A. Bintliff Reporter
Lucy Thomson ABA Advisor
Phyllis B. Pickett ABA Section Advisor
Liza Karsai Executive Director
Brian Lewis Staff Liaison
Katie Robinson Staff Liaison