Harmonization of Business Entity Acts


The Harmonization of Business Entity Acts (HBEA), also referred to as the “hub”, harmonizes the language of all of the uniform unincorporated entity acts (Uniform Partnership Act, Uniform Limited Partnership Act, Uniform Limited Liability Company Act, Model Entity Transactions Act, Model Registered Agents Act, Uniform Limited Cooperative Association Act, Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act, and Uniform Statutory Trust Entity Act). HBEA permits their integration into a single code of entity laws. HBEA is Article 1 of the Uniform Business Organization Code (UBOC). The UBOC includes the HBEA along with the harmonized seven entity acts , and revises the language of each of those acts in a manner that permits their integration into a single code of entity laws.

Committee Members

Harry J. Haynsworth Chair
William H. Clark Vice Chair
Ann E. Conaway Member
Thomas Earl Geu Member
Dale G. Higer Member
James C. McKay Member
Marilyn E. Phelan Member
Kevin P.H. Sumida Member
Justin L. Vigdor Member
David S. Walker Member
Mary (Molly) M. Ackerly Division A Chair Member
Carter G. Bishop Co-Reporter
Daniel S. Kleinberger Co-Reporter
Robert R. Keatinge ABA Advisor
William J. Callison ABA Section Advisor
Allan G. Donn ABA Section Advisor
William S. Forsberg ABA Section Advisor
Barry B. Nekritz ABA Section Advisor
James J. Wheaton ABA Section Advisor
Liza Karsai Executive Director
Brian Lewis Staff Liaison
Kaitlin D. Wolff Staff Liaison