Voidable Transactions Act Amendments (2014) - Formerly Fraudulent Transfer Act


The Committee will prepare amendments to the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act that address a) choice of law for fraudulent transfers, b) presumptions and burdens of proof for fraudulent transfers, c) who receives “reasonably equivalent value” under Section 8(a), d) asset freezing orders, and e) the consistency of the UFTA with ULC unincorporated business organization acts. The drafting committee is also authorized to draft, for approval by the Executive Committee, revisions to the comments to other provisions of the UFTA.

Committee Members

Edwin E. Smith Chair
John Michael Brassey Member
Vincent P. Cardi Member
William C. Hillman Member
Lyle W. Hillyard Member
Robert Michael Lloyd Member
Neal Ossen Member
Anne Hartnett Reigle Member
Gail Russell Member
H. Clayton Walker Member
James J. White Member
John T. McGarvey Division E Chair Member
Kenneth C. Kettering Reporter
Neil B. Cohen PEB Advisor
Patricia A. Redmond ABA Advisor
Jay David Adkisson ABA Section Advisor
Daniel S. Kleinberger ABA Section Advisor
Charles D. Schmerler ABA Section Advisor
David J. Slenn ABA Section Advisor
Liza Karsai Executive Director
Kaitlin D. Wolff Staff Liaison