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New Drafting and Study Committees to be Appointed

  • 1.  New Drafting and Study Committees to be Appointed

    Posted 10-19-2018 12:10 PM

    August 3, 2018 - At its recent 2018 Annual Meeting, the Executive Committee of the Uniform Law Commission (ULC) authorized the appointment of two new drafting committees and four new study committees.


    The new drafting committees are:


    Drafting Committee on Unregulated Transfers of Adopted Children.  Unregulated transfers of adopted children occur when adoptive families give their child to another person/family outside of the courts and the child welfare system.  The transfer is typically made with a power of attorney.  Without specific regulations directed at this occurrence, a transfer of custody of an adopted child might go unnoticed within the child welfare system.  This committee will draft uniform or model law addressing the transfer of adopted children, whether through use of a power of attorney or other mechanism or means.


    Drafting Committee on the Economic Rights of Unmarried Cohabitants.  The rate of nonmarital cohabitation within the U.S. is increasing, but there is no consistent approach among the states. There is no predictable result when cohabitants break up or when one cohabitant dies; courts handle cases on a case-by-case basis.  This committee will draft a uniform or model law addressing the economic rights of unmarried cohabitants.


    The new study committees are:


    Study Committee on Revisions to the Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act.  The Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act (UCIOA) contains provisions for the formation, management, and termination of any common interest community, including condominiums, planned communities, and real estate cooperatives.  This committee will consider the need for and feasibility of revisions to UCIOA. 


    Study Committee on Covenants not to Compete.  This committee will study the need for and feasibility of a uniform or model law governing covenants not to compete in employment and related contexts.


    Study Committee on Online Privacy Protection.  This committee will study the need for and feasibility a uniform or model law providing protection of online privacy. 


    Study Committee on Direct to Consumer Sales of Wine, Beer, and Distilled Spirits.  This committee will study the need for and feasibility a uniform or model law governing direct to consumer sales of wine, beer, and distilled spirits. 


    Further information on the new drafting and study committees, as well as information on the Uniform Law Commission, can be found at the ULC's website at www.uniformlaws.org.


    Drafting committees, composed of commissioners, with participation from observers, advisors and reporter-drafters, meet throughout the year.  Tentative drafts are not submitted to the entire Commission until they have received extensive committee consideration.


    Proposed acts are subjected to rigorous examination and debate before they become eligible for designation as ULC products.  The final decision on whether an act is ready for promulgation to the states is made near the close of an annual meeting, on a vote by states basis, with an affirmative vote of twenty or more states necessary for final approval.


    The Uniform Law Commission, now in its 127th year, provides states with non-partisan, well-conceived and well-drafted legislation that brings clarity and stability to critical areas of state statutory law.  The organization comprises more than 300 lawyers, judges, and law professors, appointed by the states as well as the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, to research, draft and promote enactment of uniform state laws in areas of state law where uniformity is desirable and practical.  Since its inception in 1892, the group has promulgated more than 200 acts, among them such bulwarks of state statutory law as the Uniform Commercial Code, the Uniform Probate Code, and the Uniform Partnership Act.



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