Instructions for Annual Meeting Registration

2019 Annual Meeting Registration

Review the 2019 annual meeting event schedule and the descriptions.  All persons planning to attend the 2019 ULC Annual Meeting are required to registered.  Registration allows the individual to attend all sessions and provides opportunity to purchase tickets to attend any of the scheduled tours.

For additional registration assistance or to modify or cancel registration, please contact Rachel Hewitt at or 312-450-6611.


All registration takes place under the log-in of the main meeting attendee (account holder). All other registrants will register under "Guest" as part of the main attendee's registration.  Additionally, tours and activities of the main attendee will also be registered using the "Guest" registration function.  

To begin the registration process, login to the ULC website using your email address and password. Select the blue "Register" button below and follow these steps. 

Step 1:  Main Registrant (Account holder)
1. Complete your event profile and save.
2. Select "Individual".
3. Select one registration fee.
4. Click "Add to Cart".
5. If you do not want to register for any sessions,click "Go to Checkout". Otherwise, go to step 2.

Step 2:  Register yourself for a tour or activities
1. Select "Guest".
2. Enter your First Name and Last Name.
3. Select the optional tours and activities.
4. Click "Add to Cart".
5. Click "Go to checkout" when you are  finished

Step 3 (if you have guests):  How to Register a "Guest" 
1. Select "Guest".
2. Enter First Name and Last Name.
3. Select Registration Fee.
4. Select Optional Tours and Activities.
5. Click "Add to Cart".
6. Click "Go to checkout" when you are done selecting your sessions.
       Repeat step 3 for all of your guests 


If paying by card, please verify the billing address is correct before submitting payment.

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