Virtual Webinars and Meetings

General Requirements

The ULC’s video-conference in July will be using the Zoom app. To participate, (a) your device (desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device) must meet specific requirements and (b) you must be prepared to participate.

Audio connection only by telephone will not be available.

Here are the technical requirements:

  • The desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device that you will be using must have an internet connection – broadband wired, or wireless (3G, 4G/LTE or 5G)
  • There must be both an audio and a video feature. Most newer computers have built-in speakers and video. You will find that the audio works much better if you use a headphone that plugs into the device. Video will come from either a built-in camera or a USB plug-in.

For a full list of detailed requirements please visit here: Windows, MacOS, Linux Requirements and Android, iOS, and iPadOS Requirements

Getting Started

A Zoom account is not required to participate in a video-teleconference. However, a Zoom account can be created for free. For detailed instructions on how to create a free Zoom account and the different features available in the application as an account holder, please click the links below.

Getting Started on Windows and Mac

Getting Started on iOS

Getting Started on Android

Download Zoom

WARNING: Based on experiences from the 2020 virtual meeting, it is imperative that you download the Zoom client to your device in order to participate in any voting or polling that takes place. Using the web browser experience will prevent the voting box from popping up.

Windows PC Client

MacOS Client

Installation Instructions

iOS Mobile App

Available in iTunes

Android Mobile App

Available in Google Play

Update Zoom Client

Zoom updates are critical for application stability, security, and features.  Please make sure your Zoom client is running the latest version prior to joining ULC meetings or webinars.

How to Update Your Zoom Client

Testing Your Connection

Once you have downloaded the software to your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device, it is time to test your connection and equipment. This is important to do this prior to participating in any video-teleconference with the ULC. Zoom has provided a test meeting that will enable you to practice connecting and using the different features of the meeting platform. More importantly, this will also enable you to test your microphone, webcam, connection reliability, and device performance.

To join the test Zoom meeting please click the button below:

For instructions on connecting to the Zoom Test Meeting, please click the link below:

Zoom Test Meeting Instructions

Testing Audio and Video

Once you have established a connection to the Test Meeting, you can further test your audio and video capabilities to ensure your equipment functions as necessary.


It is important to note that these video-teleconferences will NOT have a dial-in feature for the telephone. All participants will be required to connect their audio via their computer or tablet/smartphone app. For better quality, it is recommended that headphones or earbuds be used in lieu of tabletop speakers, phone speakers, or laptop speakers. Doing so will help prevent feedback and echo problems during the meeting and enable the listener the ability to hear the entirety of the video-teleconference. For audio testing after you have connected to the Test Meeting, please click the link below:

How to Test Audio (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android)


All participants in our video-teleconferences will be required to utilize a webcam. For video testing after you have connected to the Test Meeting, please click the link below:

How to Test Video (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android)

Virtual Background

A virtual background can be used on your video if your computer or device meets the technical requirements. This background is great for concealing unwanted visuals from behind you while on a video-teleconference. Instructions on how to enable a virtual background can be found below.

Virtual Background Instructions

Save your free ULC virtual background for use in any ULC video-teleconference.