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Act TitleCategory 
Adoption Act (1994) Family Law
Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act Family Law; Probate, Trusts, & Estates Download an Enactment Kit
Alcoholism and Intoxication Treatment Medical & Public Heath Laws
Anatomical Gift Act (2006) Medical & Public Heath Laws; Probate, Trusts, & Estates
Appointment of Commissioners Tax & Miscellaneous
Apportionment of Tort Responsibility Act Civil Procedure & Courts; Torts & Alternative Dispute Resolution
Arbitration Act (2000) Business Organizations & Regulations; Torts & Alternative Dispute Resolution Download an Enactment Kit
Article 1 of the Uniform Business Organizations Code (UBOC Hub) (2011) (Last Amended 2013) Business Organizations & Regulations
Asset-Preservation Orders Act Civil Procedure & Courts; International Laws
Assignment of Rents Act Business Organizations & Regulations; Real Property, Mortgages, & Liens
Athlete Agents Act Business Organizations & Regulations; Consumer Protection & Labor
Attendance of Out of State Witnesses Criminal Law & Procedure
Audio-Visual Deposition Civil Procedure & Courts
Certificate of Title for Vessels Act Business Organizations & Regulations; Commercial & Financial Laws Download an Enactment Kit
Certification Of Questions of Law (1995) Civil Procedure & Courts
Child Abduction Prevention Criminal Law & Procedure; Family Law Download an Enactment Kit
Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act Family Law
Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (2013) Family Law; International Laws
Child Witness Testimony by Alternative Methods Act Civil Procedure & Courts; Family Law
Choice of Court Agreements Convention Implementation Act Business Organizations & Regulations; Civil Procedure & Courts; International Laws