Commercial Code Article 9


This joint ALI/ULC committee will draft specific revisions of UCC Article 9 to address specific issues that a study committee has already identified as needing statutory revision. The issues that the committee will address are those as to which ambiguities have been discovered in existing statutory language, where there have been substantial problems in practice in applying current statutory provisions, or as to which there have been significant judicial decisions or non-uniform amendments that suggest the need to consider statutory revisions.

Committee Members

Edwin E. Smith Chair
Carl S. Bjerre Member
Thomas J. Buiteweg Member
John T. McGarvey Member
Sandra S. Stern Member
James J. White Member
John T. McGarvey Division E Chair Member
E. Carolan Berkley ALI Member
Gail K. Hillebrand ALI Member
Charles W. Mooney ALI Member
Harry C. Sigman ALI Member
Steven O. Weise ALI Member
Steven L. Harris Reporter
Stephen L. Sepinuck ABA Advisor
John Francis Hilson ABA Section Advisor
Liza Karsai Executive Director
Neil B. Cohen PEB Director of Research
Lance Liebman ALI Director