Joint Editorial Board for Uniform Family Law


The JEB-UFL includes ULC members, American Bar Association members, American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers members, and Association of Family and Conciliation Courts members, together with liaisons from a number of other entities. The Board is responsible for monitoring all Uniform and Model Acts that are family-law related.

Committee Members

Barbara Ann Atwood Chair
Lorie Fowlke Member
William W. Barrett Division C Chair Member
Melissa A. Kucinski ABA Member
Samuel Vail Schoonmaker ABA Member
Linda D. Elrod Reporter
Catherine Holland Petersen AAML Member
Linda Lea Margaret Viken AAML Member
Diane Gould-Saltman AFCC Member
Stacey Platt AFCC Member
Jeff J. F. Atkinson Emeritus Member
Paul M. Kurtz Emeritus Member
Harry L. Tindall Emeritus Member
Liza Karsai Executive Director
Lindsay Beaver Staff Liaison