See what uniform laws are being enacted this year. Click on the column headers to sort legislation list by State, Bill Date, or Status (or use the filters at right to narrow your results).

Act TitleStateBillBill DateSponsorStatus
Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction ActU.S. Virgin Islands 31-0184 2016 Introduced
Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction ActGeorgia SB 207 2016McKoonIntroduced
Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction ActNorth Carolina HB 817 2016HurleyIntroduced
Anatomical Gift Act (2006)Pennsylvania SB 180 2016GreenleafIntroduced
Arbitration Act (2000)Massachusetts HB 37 2016 Introduced
Arbitration Act (2000)Pennsylvania HB 34 2016GrellIntroduced
Assignment of Rents ActMassachusetts HB 34 2016 Introduced
Athlete Agents ActMichigan HB 4838 2016VerHeulenIntroduced
Athlete Agents Act (2015)Washington SB 6281 2016PedersenIntroduced
Athlete Agents Act (2015)Colorado SB 71 2016ToddIntroduced
Athlete Agents Act (2015)Idaho HB 398 2016 Introduced
Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement ActMassachusetts HB 36 2016 Introduced
Child Witness Testimony by Alternative Methods ActHawaii SB 136 2016Keith-AgaranIntroduced
Collaborative Law ActMassachusetts HB 39 2016 Introduced
Collaborative Law ActFlorida HB967/SB972 2016Stevenson/LeeIntroduced
Collateral Consequences of Conviction ActWisconsin SB 677 2016TaylorIntroduced
Collateral Consequences of Conviction ActNew York SB355/AB2925 2016Diaz/LentolIntroduced
Collateral Consequences of Conviction ActPennsylvania SB 1090 2016KowallIntroduced
Common Interest Ownership Act (2008)West Virginia HB 4231 2016SkinnerIntroduced
Common Interest Ownership Act (2008)Washington SB 5263 2016PedersenIntroduced