UCC Final Act Information

Information about the text of the U.C.C.

The copyright in the Uniform Commercial Code is held jointly by the Uniform Law Commission (National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws) and the American Law Institute, and is administered under a policy set by the Permanent Editorial Board for the UCC, a board composed of representatives from each of the two sponsoring organizations. While the UCC in both draft and final form is copyrighted, the PEB policy provides that, with limited exception, only drafts of the UCC Articles shall be freely available; thus, the drafts are accessible on this website and no further license is required to reprint or download them, although appropriate acknowledgement of the two organizations' copyright is required.

To inquire about obtaining reprint permission for final UCC Articles or for the Official Comments, please contact the Executive Office of the American Law Institute (215-243-1687 or namster@ali.org). Once a license is obtained, the licensee may request that ALI instruct the ULC office to provide the material to the licensee in electronic form. UCC license fees and royalties are used to support projects to revise and update the UCC as well as to support the work of the PEB.