Upcoming Events

The list below is the calendar of upcoming meetings and events for the Uniform Law Commission.

Meeting dates, times, and locations are updated periodically.  Please check back at a later time if registration for your specific meeting is not available.

June 13, 2023 Unlawful Restrictions in Land Records, Drafting Committee Virtual Meeting
June 21, 2023 PEBUCC Virtual Meeting
July 10, 2023 Indian Child Welfare Act Issues, Study Committee on Virtual Meeting
July 21-27, 2023 ULC Annual Meeting Honolulu, HI
July 22, 2023 ULC Annual Meeting Honolulu, HI
August 25, 2023 Legislative Council Chicago, IL
August 26, 2023 Legislative Summit Chicago, IL
September 7-10, 2023 Style Committee TBD
September 22-23, 2023 Unincorporated Organization Acts, Drafting Committee to Update Uniform TBD
September 26, 2023 Military Spouse Occupational Licensing, Study Committee Virtual Meeting
October 20-21, 2023 Antitrust Pre-Merger Notifications, Drafting Committee on TBD
October 20-21, 2023 Mortgage Modifications, Drafting Committee on TBD
November 17-18, 2023 Joint Editorial Board for Uniform Trust and Estate Acts TBD
December 8, 2023 Joint Editorial Board for Uniform Family Law TBD
December 8-9, 2023 Conflict of Laws in Trusts and Estates, Drafting Committee on  TBD
December 8-9, 2023 Determination of Death Act, Drafting Committee on  TBD

Future Annual Meetings

July 21-27, 2023 2023 Annual Meeting Honolulu, HI
July 19-25, 2024 2024 Annual Meeting Boston, MA
July 18-24, 2025 2025 Annual Meeting Santa Fe, NM