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State Administrative Procedure Act, Revised

The Revised Model State Administrative Procedure Act (MSAPA) is an update of the 1981 act of the same name. The 1981 act provided procedures for promulgating administrative regulations and for adjudicating disputes before administrative bodies. The revision updates the act to recognize...

Tribal Secured Transactions Act, Revised

The Model Tribal Secured Transactions Act (MTSTA) is based on Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code. It provides a model statute for American Indian tribes to adopt to ensure the availability of secured credit to their members. The act was originally completed in 2005 and revised in 2017 to...

Real Estate Time Share Act

The Model Real Estate Time-Share Act (MRETSA) is a comprehensive act covering all aspects of the law involving time-shares, including the creation, management, and termination of time-shares.

Abandoned Property Act

The Model Abandoned Property Act (MAPA) allows a creditor, governmental subdivision, or homeowner’s association to request a determination that a property is abandoned based on the existence of three or more specified conditions indicating abandonment. Each homeowner and obligor, if locatable,...

Negotiated Alternative to Foreclosure Act

The Model Negotiated Alternative to Foreclosure Act (MNAFA) allows a mortgage lender and borrower to voluntarily negotiate a workout agreement instead of using the foreclosure process. An agreement that meets the statutory requirements is legally enforceable and has the effect of discharging...

Veterans Treatment Court Act

The Model Veterans Treatment Court Act (MVTCA) allows a state to implement diversionary courts for veterans of the U.S. armed services. Veterans’ courts have been created in a number of judicial districts around the United States to ensure that veterans in the criminal justice system receive...

Consumer Sales Practices Act

The Model Consumer Sales Practices Act (MCSPA) was completed by the Uniform Law Commission in 1970. It represents an effort to crystallize the best elements of contemporary federal and state regulation of consumer sales practices in order to harmonize and coordinate federal and state regulation.

Consumer Credit Code

The Model Consumer Credit Code (MCCC) is a balanced consumer protection law, providing comprehensive regulation of consumer credit. It applies to consumer credit transactions, and excludes business credit transactions.

Audio-Visual Deposition Act

The Model Audio-Visual Deposition Act (MAVDA) authorizes the use of audio-visual means for the recording of depositions. The recorded material becomes an official record of the deposition. The act can be adopted by legislation or by court rule.

Transboundary Pollution Reciprocal Access Act

The Model Transboundary Pollution Reciprocal Access Act (MTPRAA) overcomes procedural obstacles that prevent a pollution victim in one state or province from seeking enforceable remedies in the state or province where the pollution originated. For further information about UTSA please contact...