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TOD Security Registration Act

The Uniform TOD Securities Registration Act (UTODSRA) provides for the non-probate transfer of specifically registered investment securities from the owner to named beneficiaries at owner's death. The act is incporated into the Uniform Probate Code as Article 6, Part 3. For further information...

Certificate of Title Act

The Uniform Certificate of Title Act (UCOTA) provides comprehensive and modern rules for the administration and transfer of title certificates for motor vehicles. For further information about the UCOTA, please contact ULC Legislative Counsel Kaitlin Wolff at 312-450-6615 or

Certificate of Title for Vessels Act

The Uniform Certificate of Title for Vessels Act (UCOTVA) regulates the titling of boats in a manner similar to the way that all states now issue titles for automobiles. By ensuring that a boat's rightful owner is easily identifiable, UCOTVA will promote financing of vessels and deter theft. ...