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Virtual-Currency Businesses Act, Supplemental Commercial Law for the Uniform Regulation of

The Uniform Supplemental Commercial Law for the Uniform Regulation of Virtual-Currency Businesses Act (the “Supplemental Act”) is a follow-up to the Uniform Regulation of Virtual-Currency Businesses Act (URVCBA). This Supplemental Act provides the commercial law rules using the time-tested...

Law on Notarial Acts, Revised

The Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts (RULONA) governs actions by a notary public, including taking an acknowledgment, administering an oath or affirmation, witnessing or attesting a signature, and certifying a copy of a document. RULONA allows electronic notarization using technologies...

Virtual-Currency Businesses Act, Regulation of

The Uniform Regulation of Virtual-Currency Businesses Act (URVCBA) provides a statutory framework for the regulation of companies engaging in “virtual-currency business activity,” such as exchanging, transferring, or storing virtual currency; holding electronic precious metals or certificates of...

Unclaimed Property Act, Revised

The Revised Uniform Unclaimed Property Act (RUUPA) is the latest revision to the Uniform Unclaimed Property Act, first promulgated in 1954 and last updated in 1995. The act requires holders of unclaimed property to turn it over to the state unclaimed property administrator after a suitable...

Fraudulent Transfer Act

The Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act provides a creditor with the means to reach assets a debtor has transferred to another person to keep them from being used to satisfy a debt. In 2014, the Act was amended to address a small number of narrowly-defined issues. These amendments included a title...

Trade Secrets Act

The Uniform Trade Secrets Act (UTSA) provides a legal framework for improved trade secret protection. For further information about UTSA please contact ULC Legislative Program Director Katie Robinson at (312) 450-6616 or

Wage Garnishment Act

The Uniform Wage Garnishment Act (UWGA) offers a streamlined approach to wage garnishment that largely removes the garnishment process from the courts, resolves choice-of-law issues, reduces costs, and provides greater protection to employees and certain independent contractors. For further...

Registered Agents Act

The Model Registered Agents Act (MRAA) provides states with one registration procedure for registered agents no matter the kind of business entity represented by the agent, simplifying registration procedures by providing one registered agent database in each state. For further information...

Electronic Transactions Act

The Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) establishes the legal equivalence of electronic records and signatures with paper writings and manually-signed signatures, removing barriers to electronic commerce.

Securities Act

The Uniform Securities Act (USA) provides basic investor protection from securities fraud, complementing the federal Securities and Exchange Act. The act only applies to securities not regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. For further infofmation about enacting the USA please...