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Criminal Records Accuracy Act

The Uniform Criminal Records Accuracy Act (UCRAA) is designed to improve the accuracy of criminal history records, commonly called a rap sheet, that are frequently used in determining the eligibility of a person for employment, housing, credit, and licensing, in addition to law enforcement...

Veterans Treatment Court Act

The Model Veterans Treatment Court Act (MVTCA) allows a state to implement diversionary courts for veterans of the U.S. armed services. Veterans’ courts have been created in a number of judicial districts around the United States to ensure that veterans in the criminal justice system receive...

Mandatory Disposition of Detainers Act

The Model Mandatory Disposition of Detainers Act (MMDDA) is a procedural statute establishing rules for the prompt disposition of detainers (i.e. warrants filed against persons already in custody) by providing that prosecuting officials, upon the request of the prisoner, must move forward with...

Controlled Substances Act

The Model Controlled Substances Act (MCSA) provides fundamental law in the fight against narcotic and dangerous drugs and promotes uniformity between state and federal drug laws.

Attendance of Out-of-State Witnesses Act

The Uniform Act to Secure the Attendance of Witnesses from Without a State in Criminal Proceedings was completed in 1936. The act provides states with statutory authority to secure the attendance of a witness from without the state in which the criminal proceeding or Grand Jury proceeding is...

Child Abduction Prevention Act

The Uniform Child Abduction Prevention Act (UCAPA) provides courts with guidelines to follow during custody disputes and divorce proceedings in order to help them identify families at risk for abduction and prevent the abduction of children. For more information about UCAPA please contact ULC...

Collateral Consequences of Conviction Act

The Uniform Collateral Consequences of Conviction Act (UCCCA) addresses the penalties and disqualifications that individuals face incidental to criminal sentencing. The act's provisions are largely procedural, and are designed to rationalize and clarify widely accepted policies and practices. ...

Electronic Recordation of Custodial Interrogations Act

The Uniform Electronic Recordation of Custodial Interrogations Act (UERCIA) requires that law enforcement electronically record the entirety of a custodial interrogation. The act leaves it to the individual states to decide where and for what types of crimes this mandate applies, as well as the...

Law Enforcement Access to Entity Information Act

The Uniform Law Enforcement Access to Entity Information Act (ULEAEIA) preserves the traditional confidentiality of entity ownership and requires the filing of the name of an individual who would be responsible for obtaining, maintaining, and verifying record ownership information. For further...

Prevention of and Remedies for Human Trafficking Act

The Uniform Act on the Prevention of and Remedies for Human Trafficking (UAPRHT) provides the three components necessary for ending human trafficking: comprehensive criminal penalties; protections for human-trafficking victims; and public awareness and prevention methods. For further...