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Anatomical Gift Act

The Uniform Anatomical Gift Act (UAGA) is an update of a 1987 uniform act addressing changes in federal law and regulation and related developments in the field of organ donation, thereby facilitating the availability of organs for transplantation. For more information about UAGA please contact...

Duties to Persons with Medical ID Devices Act

The Model Duties to Persons with Medical ID Devices Act (MDPMIDDA) provides for a minimum level of duty toward persons in an unconscious state or otherwise unable to communicate the existence of a condition requiring special treatment. The act also provides for standard ID devices, such as...

Controlled Substances Act

The Model Controlled Substances Act (MCSA) provides fundamental law in the fight against narcotic and dangerous drugs and promotes uniformity between state and federal drug laws.

Health-Care Decisions Act

The Uniform Health Care Decisions Act (UHCDA) consolidates various state laws dealing with advance directives for health care and health-care powers of attorney. For more information about enacting the UHCDA please contact ULC Chief Counsel Benjamin Orzeske at (312) 450-6621 or borzeske...

Determination of Death Act

The Uniform Determination of Death Act (UDDA) provides a comprehensive legal basis for determining death in all situations. This is a technical act that merely defines death clinically, and does not deal with suicide, assisted suicide, or the right to die.

Emergency Volunteer Health Practitioners Act

The Uniform Emergency Volunteer Health Practitioners Act (UEVHPA) allows state governments during a declared emergency to give reciprocity to other states’ licensees so that covered individuals may provide emergency health services without meeting the disaster state’s licensing requirements. ...

Protection of Genetic Information in Employment Act

The Uniform Protection of Genetic Information Act (UPGIA) comprehensively regulates acquisition, use, retention, and disclosure of genetic information in the context of employment. UPGIA allows individuals to control the privacy and prevent misuse of their genetic information. For more...