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Securities Act  

The Uniform Securities Act (USA) provides basic investor protection from securities fraud, complementing the federal Securities and Exchange Act. The act only applies to securities not regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. For further infofmation about enacting the USA please contact ULC Chief Counsel Benjamin Orzeske at (312) 450-6621 or


Simultaneous Death Act  

The Uniform Simultaneous Death Act (USDA) creates a default rule that one person must survive another by 120 hours to avoid disputes caused by simultaneous or quickly successive deaths of persons between whom property passes at death. The provisions of this act are also incorporated into the Uniform Probate Code. For further information about enacting the USDA please contact ULC Chief Counsel Benjamin Orzeske at (312) 450-6621 or


State Administrative Procedure Act, Revised  

The Revised Model State Administrative Procedure Act (MSAPA) is an update of the 1981 act of the same name. The 1981 act provided procedures for promulgating administrative regulations and for adjudicating disputes before administrative bodies. The revision updates the act to recognize electronic communications and other state procedural innovations.


Statute and Rule Construction Act  

The Model Statute and Rule Construction Act (MSRCA) provides guidelines for drafting and interpreting a state's statutes and administrative rules.


Statutory Rule Against Perpetuities  

The Uniform Statutory Rule Against Perpetuities (USRAP) invalidates interests in property that are intended to belong to somebody at a future time, but for which the actual determination of ownership cannot or will not be accomplished within a specific period of time. USRAP improves upon the common-law rule against perpetuities by including a "wait and see" provision that prevents automatic invalidation of property transfers. For further information about enacting USRAP please contact ULC Chief Counsel Benjamin Orzeske at (312) 450-6621 or


Statutory Trust Entity Act  

The Uniform Statutory Trust Entity Act (USTEA) governs the use of statutory trusts as a mode of business organization. USTEA modernizes the existing, but outdated, laws governing these types of entities. For further information about the USTEA, please contact ULC Legislative Counsel Kari Bearman at 312-450-6617 or