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Business Organizations Code  

The Uniform Business Organizations Code (UBOC) offers an integrated, organized statutory structure for uniform unincorporated business and nonprofit entity acts. The UBOC uses the same hub-and-spoke structure used in the Uniform Commercial Code. Article 1 of the UBOC is the “Hub,” which contains provisions common to all other Articles. Articles 2 through 8 of the Code are the “spokes.” These spokes include: the Model Entity Transactions Act (2007) (Last Amended 2013), Uniform Partnership Act (1997) (Last Amended 2013), Uniform Limited Partnership Act (2001) (Last Amended 2013), Uniform Limited Liability Company Act (2006) (Last Amended 2013), Uniform Limited Cooperative Association Act (2007) (Last Amended 2013), Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act (2008) (Last Amended 2011), and Uniform Statutory Trust Entity Act (2009) (Last Amended 2013). For further information about the UBOC, please contact ULC Legislative Counsel Kari Bearman at 312-450-6617 or


Business Organizations Code, Article 1 (Hub)  

Article 1 of the Uniform Business Organizations Code (UBOC) is often referred to as the “Hub” of the UBOC. The UBOC harmonizes the language of all of the uniform unincorporated entity acts (Uniform Partnership Act, Uniform Limited Partnership Act, Uniform Limited Liability Company Act, Model Entity Transactions Act, Model Registered Agents Act, Uniform Limited Cooperative Association Act, Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act, and Uniform Statutory Trust Entity Act). The UBOC is based on a “Hub and Spoke” model in which provisions common to all the individual statutes are placed in the Hub and the other provisions remain in the individual entity acts, which are the Spokes. The Hub was tentatively approved in 2009 and formally approved in 2011. Additional amendments recommended by the harmonization project drafting committee were approved in 2013.