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Wage Garnishment Act  

The Model Wage Garnishment Act (MWGA) offers a streamlined approach to wage garnishment that largely removes the garnishment process from the courts, resolves choice-of-law issues, reduces costs, and provides greater protection to employees and certain independent contractors. For further information about the MWGA, please contact Legislative Program Director Kaitlin Wolff at 312-450-6615 or


Wage Withholding and Unemployment Insurance Procedure Act  

The Model Wage Withholding and Unemployment Insurance Procedure Act (MWWUIPA) provides for a uniform wage base for computing both income tax withholding and unemployment compensation tax withholding, and uniform reporting and payment requirements for employers.


Wills Recognition Act  

The Uniform Wills Recognition Act (UWRA) implements an international convention calling for all countries and states to adopt a uniform formality for executing wills. The act also allows probate courts of the enacting state to recognize any will meeting the act's requirements. For further information about enacting the UWRA please contact ULC Chief Counsel Benjamin Orzeske at (312) 450-6621 or